A new cookbook for every season, annotated and curated by an acclaimed chef or author!

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What’s special: Exclusive chef notes and tips, delicious dry goods and hard-to-find ingredients to recreate dishes at home!

This quarter's box features BOQUERIA!

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Boqueria's recipes are delectable variations on authentic Barcelona fare, but more than that; along with their origin stories, these recipes inspire a bit of the Boqueria experience-the cooking, the conversations, and the connections-in your own home.

Marc Vidal’s experience at his family’s Barcelona restaurant inspired him to attend the Escola de Restauración at age 16. He joined Boqueria in 2010 as Executive Chef after working at restaurants in Barcelona, Paris, and Miami, including Ferran Adrià’s famed El Bulli on the Costa Brava.

Yann de Rochefort, a former marketing executive, created Boqueria to pay homage to Barcelona’s dining scene, which he fell in love with while studying and living in Spain.


How The COOKBOOK Box Works


We partner with different chefs each quarter to curate a box of goods and ingredients around their latest cookbook.


Inside the pages of the featured cookbook are chef-written annotations, along with a personal note to PageHabit members.


The cookbook is bundled with quality ingredients, handy tools, tasty goods and a featured recipe!


We deliver the cookbook box to your door every 3 months, and make a donation to support children's literacy!

With every box purchased, a donation is made to support children's literacy.

We are founded on the simple belief that reading is for everyone. Every month, we partner with a different organization to donate books to underserved communities around the world.LEARN MORE

Every new release features written annotations from the author!

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