A new cookbook for every season, annotated and curated by an acclaimed chef or author!

  • A beautiful hardcover cookbook
  • Written annotations from the chef/author
  • Quality ingredients, tools and goods round out the box
  • Access to our exclusive online book community with over 20,000 members
  • A donation to support children's literacy
  • Next box ships in the first quarter of 2018
  • What's Inside a PageHabit

    Upcoming Book Selection

    Book Synopsis

    Every 3 months receive a special gift package of kitchen tools, ingredients and recipes from one of our Cookbook Curators.


    How The COOKBOOK Box Works


    We partner with different chefs each quarter to curate a box of goods and ingredients around their latest cookbook.


    Inside the pages of the featured cookbook are chef-written annotations, along with a personal note to PageHabit members.


    The cookbook is bundled with quality ingredients, handy tools, tasty goods and a featured recipe!


    We deliver the cookbook box to your door every 3 months, and make a donation to support children's literacy!

    With every box purchased, a donation is made to support children's literacy.

    We are founded on the simple belief that reading is for everyone. Every month, we partner with a different organization to donate books to underserved communities around the world.LEARN MORE

    Every new release features written annotations from the author!

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